360° Virtual Tours

Our customized tours allow your guests to virtually walk through your facility and explore all the unique features that you have to offer.

Click on the purple "running man" icons to progress through the tour. Don't miss the group class video! (Hint: video works best on Chrome or Firefox)

Use the navigation bar and thumbnails at the base of the screen to virtually move around the yacht

360° Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360° photo is worth exponentially more! Unlike a still photograph, a 360° image allows viewers to control the experience and see every angle.

Capture the magic with 360 time-lapse photography.

Our photos can be embedded on your website, shared on Facebook, or added to Google Maps. 

360° Video  

Invite your customers to be a part of the action with a truly immersive visual experience. (Note: Some browsers do not support 360-degree playback. Try Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari)

Yoga on a Yacht! 360-degree videos like this put the viewer in control.

You decide what to focus on - the lake, the beach, or the sky - in this 360-degree time-lapse video.

360° Google Maps Tours

Cabana VR can add a "look inside" virtual tour to your Google business page. Potential customers will see your tour when they search for your business on Google Maps.

Click on the arrows to go inside the ice cream shop. Stay a while, look around...and try not to drool.