360° Sizzle Reels

 Photo by  Nicolas Tissot  on  Unsplash

Everyone these days has a sizzle reel, from actors to multi-million dollar corporations. A sizzle reel (also called a highlight reel, demo reel, or pitch reel) is simply a tool used to show off your best work in a concise amount of time. For most businesses, a good sizzle reel consists of several very short, fast-paced clips, similar to an upbeat, intriguing movie trailer.


However, for 360° video companies like ours, executing an effective highlight reel will naturally look different. How so?


1)    You need to give the viewer ample time to look around. Jumping from one scene to the next in 5 seconds won’t work for 360. In our own sizzle reel, we give the viewer about 12-15 seconds per clip so they have a chance to experience the entire sphere.  

2)    Incorporate graphics and captions to brand your company and give potential clients an idea of what you do best. In a 360° environment, you’ll need to use these tools sparingly to avoid clutter. Also, be sure to layer the captions so your viewer has an opportunity to notice them wherever they happen to be looking. This demo reel from 360xperience uses captions very effectively.


Note: Use Chrome or Firefox to view in 360°

3)    Know your audience. If you have a niche, show it off by matching mood, music, and your best clips. On the other hand, if you’re a generalist, give your reel lots of variety so that potential clients can get a range of what you can do. This demo reel from 360 Labs highlights the company’s specialty – adventure – with upbeat music and plenty of exciting situations. 


Hope these 360° sizzle reels inspired you to create one of your own!