How Will Facebook's New Algorithm Change Your Marketing Strategy?

 Photo by  Sticker Mule  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

Like all other social media content providers, we’ve been reading up on Facebook’s new algorithm changes and wondering what that means for brands.  There are several blogs that go into great depths to explain how the changes will impact Facebook marketing (here’s one of the most thorough, from Hootsuite), but if you have a short attention span and would like the “Cliff Notes” version, here are three big takeaways:

  1. Meaningful Interactions beat Engagement-Bait
  2. Video is King
  3. It’s Time to Spend More Money – Strategically

First, your posts need to spur on MEANINGFUL INTERACTIONS. The new algorithm recognizes engagement-bait tricks like quizzes and explicit calls to action. Facebook wants to get back to what they did well from the beginning: connecting people in meaningful (and hopefully positive) conversations. Think about how your posts can generate discussion and comments organically.


Next, VIDEO IS KING. Everything I’ve read says the same thing: Facebook will prioritize video posts more than ever over photo and text. And because they’ve invested so much into the technology, Facebook Live will be at the very top of the ladder.

What about 360-degree video? Although I haven’t read anything specific on this topic related to the latest changes, it makes sense that 360 will also get a priority boost for the same reason as Live: Facebook has pumped a ton of money into 360-degree technology (they spent 2 billion, yes, Billion with a “B”, on purchasing Oculus VR alone).

Best Practices for Video:

  • Tell a story.  People remember good stories over facts and figures.
  • Keep your content current and relevant. Teach people something new.
  • Emotionally engage with your audience.  Make them laugh, cry, nod, or smile.
  • Focus on quality. Make sure your equipment works and your wi-fi connection for live videos is strong.
  • Post your videos DIRECTLY onto Facebook. Facebook wants people to stay in their realm, not be re-directed or linked out to secondary sites. 


Finally, and unfortunately, social media marketers will probably have to prepare to SPEND MORE MONEY for ads.  Admit it, we’ve had a pretty good run at being able to reach people organically.  But don’t just throw your money around to see what works. Do your homework, be strategic and creative, and seek professional help when it makes sense. On that note, Cabana VR loves helping businesses create meaningful, effective 360-degree videos that look amazing on Facebook. Let us know how we can help you too!


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