Why we love VeeR VR

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 5.26.38 PM.png

Happy New Year! I thought it would be a nice way to kick off 2018 by highlighting a spectacular 360-degree video hosting site that we recently discovered, VeeR VR.


While many hosting sites started with photo and worked their way to video, VeeR VR has taken the opposite route. 360 video and graphic virtual reality is their sweet spot (photo is currently in Beta testing but they have some awesome examples on their website).


VeeR VR, which hails out of China, pitches itself as a “Global VR Content Community.” They certainly are popular worldwide. I’ve enjoyed videos from contributors (called “creators” on their site) from India, China, Madrid, Auckland, Peru…the list goes on.


The content is as diverse as the geography: you’ll find everything from VR horror shorts to New Year’s celebrations, concerts, VR vlogs, and everything in between. The search box makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


One thing I especially love about VeeR is that they constantly give newcomers exposure. In addition to their “trending videos” page, they feature and highlight new videos several times a week on their landing page.


Cabana VR has uploaded several contributions to VeeR, and they chose two of our videos to highlight in December. That translated to thousands of new views in a worldwide arena. Comments from viewers have been extremely complimentary, and sometimes hilarious due to the probable use of Google Translate. Here is our evening timelapse of the Charlotte skyline on VeeR, along with some of my favorite comments:

“The traffic is like a flashing river, shining with extremely bright light.”
“A simple roof can see so beautiful scenery Perhaps I should find the beauty around.”

And we even got a very nice comment from the VeeR staff themselves:

“Excellent! It is wise to use Time-lapse to record the sunset and night view, which is beautiful and impressive.”

We look forward to sharing more videos through VeeR VR!