The 3-in-1 Solution: Anytime Fitness Case Study

When it comes to marketing, businesses often face multiple challenges at once. How can I let people know about my new business? What’s the best way to let potential customers know what I have to offer? How can I rise above my competition? For businesses facing these scenarios, there is good news: several obstacles can usually be solved with a single effective solution.


A few weeks ago, we sat down with James, the owner of Anytime Fitness Kannapolis. He came to us seeking new and fresh ideas for marketing the gym. The process of listening to him talk about the challenges he was facing helped him clearly identify three goals:


  1. Get on the map
  2. Show off a beautiful facility
  3. Feature a sneak peek


At the end of our conversation, we assured James that Cabana VR could provide him with a single solution – a 360-degree virtual tour – which would address all three of his goals at once.


1)    GET ON THE (GOOGLE) MAP.  These days, Google is just about everyone’s first point of contact with your business. Customers use Google to find your location, to get your phone number and hours of operation, and to read reviews. One of the most important of all the Google tools is Google Maps. Assuming that the Google car has taken a 360-degree photo of the exterior of your business, it automatically shows up at the bottom left hand corner of the screen on mobile device searches. That photo can be extremely helpful to new customers who want to see where you are in relationship to surrounding buildings and intersections. However, since James had opened Anytime Fitness after the Google car had made its rounds, the photo was a liability rather than an asset. Since Cabana VR is a Google Trusted Photographer, we were able to replace the outdated photo which showed a “For Lease” sign with a current 360 image featuring the new Anytime Fitness storefront.

   Outdated Google images can hurt your business. Hire a trusted photographer to update your default 360 photo.

Outdated Google images can hurt your business. Hire a trusted photographer to update your default 360 photo.

2)    SHOWCASE A BEAUTIFUL FACILITYWhen I first walked into Anytime Fitness Kannapolis, my jaw dropped. I expected the gym to be just like any other chain fitness center, so I was surprised at how beautiful James’s facility was. Everything was vibrant purple and shiny chrome. James took pride in his clean, new space and we were able to help him show it off in a unique way with a 360-degree virtual tour. By simply clicking on the Anytime Fitness logo, viewers can easily “move” between spaces in the gym and take a look around in all directions. Interactive virtual tours effectively allow potential customers to “try before they buy.”


Use the thumbnails or click on the "running man" icon to virtually move throughout the gym

3)    FEATURE A SNEAK PEEK. James said that many people who desire to join a gym for the first time are intimidated by the experience. They incorrectly believe that everyone else will be fitter/stronger/more beautiful than they are, so they don’t take the plunge. James wanted us to show a typical group fitness exercise class to combat the misperception. We didn’t use fitness models for our 360 video, instead we put the camera right in the middle of an actual circuit training class. As the trainer walks around the circle, potential customers can follow along in 360, encouraged that the class looks fun and inviting. We’re confident that the combination of showing regular people of various sizes and fitness levels, plus the immersive nature of a 360 experience, can help boost membership for Anytime Fitness Kannapolis. 

Note: Some browsers do not support 360-degree playback. Use Chrome or Firefox.

James was extremely pleased with Cabana VR's virtual tour of Anytime Fitness Kannapolis, touting it as an effective and valuable tool in achieving his marketing goals. How about your business? Let us help you solve your problems with a single Cabana VR customized solution